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black box


  1. any unit that forms part of an electronic circuit and that has its function, but not its components, specified.
  2. any comparatively small, usually black, box containing a secret, mysterious, or complex mechanical or electronic device.

jargon – British

  1. An abstraction of a device or system in which only its externally visible behaviour is considered and not its implementation or “inner workings”.


  1. A composition template to make it easier to get special effects without really knowing how or why it works. Created by Nodemasters.

Nodewerk Blackbox

Not sure if we’re supposed to know how it works…

Get Yer Blackboxes Right Here

Due to issues with “non-standard” file types, please right-click on the filename and select “Save Link As…” to download.

Then import into your composition project using the ‘Import Blackbox’ option under the File menu.


  • Icon of Funhouse Funhouse (0.0 B) | Version: | (970 downloads)
  • Icon of Glare Glare (0.0 B) | Version: | (944 downloads)
  • Icon of Outliner Outliner (0.0 B) | Version: | (950 downloads)