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Use this area to update your contact information, check your messages and much more.

  • Dashboard – Latest messages and photos
  • Gallery Manager – Create/manage galleries and photos
  • Video Manager – Create links to external videos to show on your profile
  • My Posts – Manage the posts you have made
  • My Friends – Manage friend requests, send/view private or restricted content
  • My Messages – View and reply to messages sent. Contact a Keymaster
If you aren’t already there (here?), use the “My Messages” button at the lower left to pull up your message area.

Click on the “Contact Keymaster” envelope at the top of your “Received Messages”.

Use the “Profile Customizer” button (below left) to set up how your main profile page looks to other Noders.

Suggested profile background image is 1170×450 in size. Suggested avatar size is 190×190. Please optimize first! :-)

Drag modules from “Column 1″ or “Column 2″ to the “Unused Modules” area to take them off the profile that other Noders see. You can also rearrange modules within a column.

To update your email address or password, use the “Email & Password” button on the lower left.

Use the “Profile Details” button to update any of your other information, including:

  • Your Name, Display Name
  • Description, About/Bio
  • Website, Social Info