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List of BBCodes

List of Standard BBCodes

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List of Advanced BBCodes

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General Questions

So you are telling me that this is Flash? Are you kidding? Everybody knows that Flash is dead.

Yes, Peacock was made in Flash, so Nodewerk is Flash as well. Actually now it’s AIR if you want to be precise. Quite nifty, isn’t it – the ability to make a standalone application out of an originally browser-based one with just changing a few lines of code? Do that in HTML5 and I buy you a cold beverage the next time we meet.

Is it just me or does Nodewerk run much smoother than Peacock?

No it’s true. Moving from a browser based implementation to an Adobe AIR standalone app has definitely made the app snappier

Hey - where is the old toolbar that allowed me to import resources?

The toolbar was using server-side functions that were residing on the old Aviary server which is offline now. Currently you can only import images and egg files from you local drives. In the future the ability to connect to various online image sources and import them might come back.

I have never heard that a company gives back their source code to a developer - are they mad?

Neither have I. I think this is a pretty amazing move by Aviary. The backstory is that Aviary had changed their business model and as it turned out this was the best decision for them. Unfortunately this also meant that at one point it was just not feasible anymore to maintain their previous suite so they shut it eventually down with a little tear in their eyes. But since Peacock always had a special place in their hearts they didn’t want it to vanish entirely. And there you are. Thank you Aviary!

OK so what does Nodewerk mean, then, and how do I pronounce it?
Nodewerk works by making connections between various  generator and effect modules (which we call “hubs”). A “node” (Latin nodus, ‘knot’) is a connection point. “Werk” is German and can either mean factory or work (as in artwork). I am sure you already know how to pronounce “node” – the “werk” part you’d say in the same way as you’d say “Kraftwerk”, but it’s okay to pronounce like “work”.
I really liked the name Peacock. Wherefore art thou Nodewerk?


Admittedly Peacock was a great name. In particular with all the different apps in the original suite having bird names this was a perfect fit. But this is a new beginning and this app is not part of a suite anymore.

Also the problem with the old name is that if you google it you will find all kinds of things about birds and probably references to the original Aviary app, but this app would have quite hard time to make it into the relevant search results anytime soon. “Nodewerk” on the other hand is still pretty unique and has a very low number of search results yet.

Also “Nodewerk” gives already a hint as what the app is actually doing

I have no idea how to use this app - how do I get started?


Admittedly the learning curve is a bit steep. There are still quite a few tutorials available for Peacock which we will update over time. Some of it may be out of date after the transition from being an online tool to a standalone app.

Peacock Wiki.

Another good way of learning is to open up other peoples’ compositions, have a look how they are assembled and play with the many sliders and switches to make endless variations. Some artists will graciously attach a copy of the .egg composition along with their post in the forums.

You can start by going to Install Nodewerk from the top menu.

Who are you anyway?

My name is Mario Klingemann and I’m also known as Quasimondo on most of the relevant social networks. I am a Code Artist which means that I am using algorithms to create things that are hopefully interesting or even beautiful. Over the past years I’ve been working for several start-ups building creative tools. Peacock was one of them which I created for Aviary several years ago. Right now I am part of Psykosoft Inc. and among other things am helping to build a painting app called Psykopaint. Here are a few places where you can find me:

When I try to install Nodewerk I am getting a nasty security warning box - can I trust you?

Oh yes, that “Unknown Publisher” warning sounds quite scary. The reason for this is that this whole source code transfer process from Aviary to me came on quite short notice and I did not yet apply for a signing certificate. These certificates also cost quite a bit of money each year and as you might have noticed Nodewerk is free. So if you really like this app and it made you feel better if the app was properly signed – how about donating a few dollars so I can pay for that certificate?

The whole trust issue is something you can only decide for yourself – I’ve been around on the internet for a very long time and I do have a name to lose, so from my perspective it would be a very stupid move to do anything evil to your machine with this app. But yes, this is an executable file with all the same permissions that Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop have – which means it can access your file system and can talk to the internet.