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Installing Nodewerk

Nodewerk is a Visual Laboratory. Create amazing and unique images, textures, patterns and animations with mathematical precision!

Follow the instructions here to get set up. Very simple; you’ll be up and creating truly unique stuff worthy of posting to all your social buddies in no time.

The most amazing thing happened at Werk today…

Nodewerk requires the Adobe Air runtime. Install that first. This window will still be here when you get done.

Go ahead, we’ll wait for you.

..tuneless humming in the background…”Wow, I love this Terrain generator!”…

OK! You’re back?

Next, download Nodewerk from the list below.  Once it has downloaded, click on the file in your download manager or file explorer. As long as Air was installed first, Nodewerk will install pretty much automatically.

Note that you can’t have more than one version of Nodewerk installed at the same time. Therefore, you would only want to install earlier versions for experimentation purposes.

If this is your first install of Nodewerk, you will receive a “security risk” notice before Air begins the installation. Just go ahead and click “Install”. We can assure you that Mario is quite harmless. Unless you make some sort of foolish comment about how Flash is dead… (see the FAQs)

Nodewerk Interface on First Run

The Nodewerk Interface on First Run

Get Nodewerk Here


  • Icon of Nodewerk Nodewerk (4.6 MiB) | Version: 0.1.13 | (1206 downloads)
  • Icon of Nodewerk 0111 Nodewerk 0111 (4.4 MiB) | Version: 0.1.11 | (706 downloads)
  • Icon of Nodewerk 0112 Nodewerk 0112 (4.4 MiB) | Version: 0.1.12 | (717 downloads)
  • Icon of Nodewerk 017 Nodewerk 017 (3.3 MiB) | Version: 0.1.7 | (680 downloads)
  • Icon of Nodewerk 018 Nodewerk 018 (3.4 MiB) | Version: 0.1.8 | (700 downloads)
  • Icon of Nodewerk 019 Nodewerk 019 (4.1 MiB) | Version: 0.1.9 | (856 downloads)

Change Log


Nodewerk version 0.1.13 (January 13th 2013)
  • Fixed a bug in Drag-and-Drop support
  • Added new “Append” controller hub
Nodewerk version 0.1.12 (January 13th 2013)
  • Added Drag-and-Drop support for external files
  • Fixed Mouse Wheel Scrolling
Nodewerk version 0.1.11 (January 5th 2013)
  • Added Cellular Automata Effect
  • Added Color Scheme Generator
  • Added preliminary credits popup
Nodewerk version 0.1.10)
  • Internal Build
Nodewerk version 0.1.9 (December 30th 2012)
  • Added Distance Transform Effect
  • Fixed Raw Resource Import and Hub
  • Replaced default effect icons
  • Table Hub allows now for a maximum of 1000 columns and rows
Nodewerk version 0.1.8 (December 29th 2012)
  • Added a proper icon for the app and the saved eggs
  • Doubleclicking an .egg file will open the composition in Nodewerk
  • Added the option to export animated GIFs to the animation exporter
  • Added the option to export images in JPEG XR format
Nodewerk version 0.1.7 (December 25th 2012)
  •  “trigger” pin for “Random Number” UI element
  •  fixed “current iteration” for “Feedback” controller
  •  the slider rollover number problem seems to be gone, too (not sure if that was already fixed in the last version)
  •  added new “Glitch” effects hub. This one is pretty useless, but I had fun adding it. What it does is to create true JPEG glitches by first compressing the input to a JPEG then randomly changing a few bytes and then decompressing it again. If you set the glitch count to 0 you can also simulate JPEG compression artifacts.