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Another test post…. The NodeWerk Times.


The Nodewerk Times

Breaking news ! The nodewerk blog is werking .

Hear ye, and welcome to the 1st episode of the 1st season
Of the Weekly Tribune Herald News Daily Bugle Nodewerk Times!

This is our world premiere inaugural maiden voyage, and we are super excited to be here.. even more excited that you’re here too! The Nodewerk Times just wouldn’t be worth printing and perusing without our chief correspondents – you, our Noding artists!


The First (evah!) Nodewerk Creations


(as told in What did you create today?)
Maybe a thumbnail gallery of the first 10 original creations in that topic? Later replaced with.. my mind has gone blank, whatever we called the moderator picks! lol
As a thought, I assume that there are ‘thumbnail’ and ‘medium’ size settings for images in this WordPress. We’ll have to learn how to insert those into a post, similar to what we did with adding ‘sqr’ to an image filename at Aviary.


Top 10 Reasons for Using Nodewerk


(a la Letterman – feel free to contribute!)

  • #10 – Your prepaid cellphone is out of minutes.
  • #9 – Your Twitter account was hijacked.
  • #8 – Your mother-in-law said she was coming over, and you needed an excuse.
  • #7 – You’ve already seen all the House of Cards episodes on Netflix.
  • #6 – You want to tell your friends you visited a Nodist colony.
  • #5 – Your boss said “Get to work!” You thought s/he meant “werk”.
  • #4 – You heard Nodewerk has pie.
  • #3 – You’re hoping someone will say “All Your Node Are Belong To Us!”
  • #2 – After reading EW Online, you’re so shocked Ben Affleck didn’t get an Oscar nomination you can’t leave your chair.
  • #1 – This spot reserved.


By The Way, How’s Your Hubby?


A section for showcasing a particular hub and its features, or a new hub and its features, or something about a hub.


Top 10 REAL Reasons for Using Nodewerk


  • #10 – You feel a moral obligation to spread the werd about Nodewerk and increase its presence across the interwebs.
  • #9 – You can make your own album, dude!
  • #8 – You know it’s a great way to smile, gasp or be amazed/awed.
  • #7 – You get to meet some of the super most coolest and talentedest people.
  • #6 – You know it’s for both budding and bodacious artists.
  • #5 – Nodes, nodes, nodes. Oh, and animation.
  • #4 – You can find no art creation tool quite like it anywhere!
  • #3 – You get it free, it won’t hurt your wallet, it’s absent of monetary premiums and it’s otherwise no cost.
  • #2 – You are in a learning environment. You’ll learn something from Nodewerk, no matter what your skill level.
  • #1 – This spot reserved.


Your Gallery of Fine Arts


Speaking of making your own album, dude, here’s how it works… starting with galleries: Clicking on the Gallery top menu button will take you to a set of thumbnails of the latest creation uploads (more on uploads in a sec). This gallery will be enhanced with more functionality (e.g. pagination) in the near future. As you hover over an image, it will show you the title and artist. When you click on the image, you get to a page where you can see comments about the image, add your own comment, and even mark it as a favorite. Or favourite, if you’re in one of the earlier time zones. :roll: That’s the Nodewerk Gallery. Each artist also has their own album of creations (= pictures). There are two ways to get to an artist’s album: When you are viewing one of their creations (pictures) you will see a link to click that says ARTIST’S PICTURES. Or, you can click on Members from the main top menu, search for an artist, and click on their name. To get to your own album, click on your username below your avatar. Click on the ALBUM link on the left menu if you are not already there. That page will show you any pictures you’ve already uploaded. To upload a picture, click on, you guessed it, the UPLOAD PICTURE link and follow the easy breezy instructions. Again, the 100 most recently uploaded pictures are what’s shown in the Nodewerk Gallery. Easy as pie, right? See, we told you there’d be pie. 😎


Our Werking-Class Artist of the Week


Ye olde Artiste of thee Weeke of yore, yah
Any Spotlighted Artist could be called “The Hub-inator” *snort* *giggle*

Other hot topics: What in the pin is a node, and how does it werk?
How do I scale my canvas?
What file types can I import/export and how does that werk?
Whatever else is already in the Tutorials and Tips + Getting Started forums.

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